There are some truly amazing Tulum wedding venues in this beautiful destination in Mexico. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and turquoise water, this Mayan city will invite you to take a spiritual journey. Its location was chosen by the Mayans thousands of years ago for its vortex of energy, which is why so many people feel attracted to this place. And, it’s true. You really do feel like you’re stepping into a magical place. If you’re seeking something more for your wedding experience, Tulum will offer you many locations concepted by artists and designers that have found ways to blend Mayan rituals and traditions into one-of-a-kind experiences, connecting you to nature as you’ve never felt before. You also have other special wedding options that you may not find elsewhere. You can be married the traditional route or choose a Mayan shamanic ceremony.

This is where to find Tulum

I’m sure you already know, but it’s located south of Mexico, with untouched, white, sandy beaches that face the Caribbean Sea, gin-blue water, and a wild palm tree forest that lines the coast. When you arrive, you instantly feel like you’ve landed in a truly spiritual place.

So you’re looking for Tulum Wedding Venues

You’re probably looking at a lot of Tulum wedding venues but you want more out of your wedding experience than the typical all-inclusive wedding, Tulum is an amazing location. There are so many options if you are interested in eco-friendly places to stay, with oceanfront views, from rustic cabins, moderately priced hotels, up to luxury world-class, sustainable boutique hotels.

If you also want a place that offers your guests more to do, Tulum is a great option. You can take a jog on the beach, do morning yoga overlooking the water, or even take a trip to go cave-diving to explore the cenotes. The food and cocktail culture is to-die for.

So when you think “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” you have it in the form of the old Mayan ruins, your new life together, the borrowed hangover from drinking cocktails the night before, and the blue, Caribbean sea. Experience a destination wedding in Tulum that you have always dreamed of.

Why your guests might like it

Palm trees · White sand · Shamans · Tucans · Carribean magical energy