You're ready to plan a destination wedding in Mexico or South of Europe but you're not exactly sure how this whole thing goes, especially when it comes to hiring a photographer.



• How do we plan all the details together?

We will arrange multiple phone calls to ensure all your ideas and details are communicated. I want to make sure the day is planned the way you want it and I am up to speed on the how, the when, and the where.

• Can we meet before booking?

Of course, I love to get to know new people and couples. If you are living outside of Puerto Vallarta or abroad I like to use FaceTime or Skype.

• Where are you based? Can you shoot weddings abroad?

I am based in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the winter time. During the summer months I am based in Europe. I specialize in Destination Weddings and I am more than happy to travel wherever the best day of your life is going to happen! I have done weddings all across Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

• How many hours are you available to be booked?

You can book me starting from 4 hours up to as many as you would like. There isn’t a limit. I am even happy to be apart of your entire celebration over the course of a few days. Just name it, and I’ll be there.

• What does your wedding coverage cost and which services are included?

The cost depends on the package you choose. You can find that information here. All pictures are in high resolution (for printing) and web resolution (for websites/devices). You will receive a personal online gallery. For additional packages and detailed information please contact me via email.

• What is the cost of prepayment to secure my date with you?

The pre-payment amount is 50% of the total amount. I ask for the remaining 50% in cash, or through the WISE app, on the day of the wedding.

• What method of payment do you accept?

I accept payment through the WISE app (available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). WISE offers very low fees and usually always has the best exchange rate.

• How many pictures of our wedding will we receive?

They start from 400 photos and increase from there, depending on the package you choose. Generally, everyone ends up receiving more images because I believe in making sure you don’t miss out on some great images! But, this can also depend on how much of yourself you really put into it… if you really let your guard down, let loose, and have fun, you’ll probably end up with some more quality images at the end of the day.

• When will we receive the photos after our wedding?

I deliver a full gallery of your photos within six weeks. You will also receive a few hand-selected images as a preview, two weeks after your wedding. The gallery is password protected and can only be attended by people with the login information.

• Will all the pictures I receive be edited? Will I receive any RAW images?

Yes, you will receive all photos edited and in high and low resolution (for printing and web/devices).

No, I do not provide raw images.

• How do you decide how many color or black & white photos to edit?

I am happy to follow your lead on your preference. If you want all black and white, I can do that! If you don’t want any, I can do that too. You can see the style of editing on my page. If you’re happy to leave it in my hands, I’ll take liberty with what makes sense based on the photo and when it fits the motive.

• Can you photoshop us?

Yes, I can, however, I don’t alter the way you look. I charge a re-touching fee for things like skin blemishes or anything temporary that would not normally be there (bruises, burns, acne, tattoos, etc.), unless you’d like me to keep it in the photos. If you’re especially self-conscious about something, please let me know as I’ll be sure to be aware of that while I’m posing you.

• What kind of equipment do you use?

I don't use traditional equipment, but prefer a higher-end brand called Leica.

• Do you use flashes very often or available light?

For weddings, I prefer available light. I typically use flashes when the natural light isn’t adequate and normally always during the party at night.

• Can we order albums and printed photos from you?

YES! I love to arrange photo albums and providing printed photos. For more information, you can write me an email at any time. There is no rush. You can choose well after your wedding day.

• What if you can’t make our wedding?

I pray this never happens, as it would only happen if it were out of my control (act of god, illness, death, etc.) but in this case I would do my best to help find a replacement photographer whom I trust with a similar style, although I’m not legally held to do so. If I can’t make it to your wedding your money will be refunded.

• Where and how do we connect the day of the wedding?

We will already have had a phone call 2 weeks before the wedding to arrange the details of the wedding day. On the day of your wedding, I will take care of everything to get to the venue on time by myself at the location we discussed – no need to worry about me getting there.

• What and when do you eat on our wedding day?

It’s great if you have one serving left, but I don’t need an extra seat. If you want to give me a seat, I’ll take one where it can be flexible. I always eat at the same time as the wedding guests.